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Original PHOENIX4 PROplus for Laser Show System

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$1,999.80 (Price lowered!)

Note: The PROplus comparing to the PRO-Version:

The only differences are that it is possible to create a Password for the individual programmed shows - and the max. output up to 32 ILDA-Interfaces.

New at Phoenix4 PRO/PROPLUS

Output quality
Show your shows with PHOENIX4 in a new light and increased quality. Program optimization made it possible to output the animations even brighter, sharper and more fluid your laser projector. Experience the difference with your audience.

Animation Library
Experience a completely new way to visually program your laser shows. With the Phoenix4 PRO Library you organize Beam and motion graphics as clearly as never before. Benefit of a single- and multi-frame representation of ILDA, PHO and PFF files in the preview. Suit yourself the library to your requirements and extend it with new animations. Add the animations by a double click to the timeline and program as quickly as never before.

New Animations
With PHOENIX4 you get a amazing quantity of great animation produced by professional graphic designers. With over 3,500 Beam- and graphic animation with over 50,000 frames, sorted by topic at categories, you can now program-beam and graphic shows at incredible speed.

Catalog integrated
In Phoenix4 sharing for your self-programmed laser shows has been simplified. The animation catalog is now integrated into the shows and does not need to be specially saved or loaded along with the show. So you can hand over your shows to your customers quickly and easily.

Amaze your audience with dynamic runtext animations. In a split second you create of a simple runtext a 3dimensional look-a-like font animation that runs on the screen. By presets, you get suggestions for modeling your own creations.

Customizable effect groups
Organize effects by drag ‘n drop, so that your most commonly used effects now are directly situated where you have a fast access to it, is now easily possible with PHOENIX4 PRO / PROPLUS. As clearly symbols they can be re-grouped and moved for an effective workflow.

Improved World settings
Customize your world settings so that it fits perfectly to the projection environment. With the precise adjustable values of the geometric correction, you can even do adjustments to the surface conditions on distant objects.


Our training videos and tutorials make for an extremely short orientation period; and for an even better start into the operating of this software you may rely on one of our personal trainers.

You don’t have to work yourself through heavy manuals, simply get started by using one of our pre-programmed shows. Currently, you have more than 170 shows at your disposal and we are constantly striving to create new ones.
The TimeLine makes the generating of a multimedia show as uncomplicated as the editing of videos in any of these Windows-compatible video cutting programmes. As the programming is done in real-time, you can even edit and store the entirety of functions while running the show.
All functions and elements of your laser show are being programmed and synchronised via the TimeLine – whether you work with MP3, WAV, WinAmp files or an SMPTE-TimeCodeSignal. Additionally, you can synchronise your video films with the laser, DMX and Midi effects. The WAV visualisation makes for an easier visual synchronisation; the Time-Beat-Marker positions your events down to the beat. The new PHOENIX4 Pro/ProPlus Recording function allows the user to create an entirely new and perfectly synchronic show. Pre-programmed effects can be saved at the PC or Midi keyboard to make them readily available for introducing them to the beat of the music. PHOENIX4 Pro/ProPlus will then automatically and up to the point copy the effects and paste them right into the TimeLine and it even provides the users with the option to edit anything they want at a later point in time. PHOENIX4 Pro/ProPlus recording function applies to all laser, DMX and video events.

PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus are multi screen capable. You may monitor all laser, video and illumination events on one single display; and because this relieves you from constantly switching between several monitors, you won’t get into the malaise to lose control of your show. Admittedly, working with 2 to 3 displays is surely much more convenient and also a bit flashier…

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To make out of your laser show the ultimate highlight, you can rely on an archive containing more than 190 special effects and even combine them as you like.
All the professional functions laser software is able to offer today, you can not merely create your multimedia show; you rather have a chance to enchant your esteemed audience with an unforgettable experience.

PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus will definitely not set any limits to your creativity. Programm 3D animations in a quick and trouble-free way. Phoenix4 Pro/ProPlus can be controlled via DMX, Midi, joystick or PC keyboard and you are provided with absolutely all functions any of today’s laser shows is capable of, such as Depth Cueing, SoftColor, SoftBlanking, HiddenLine, Bspline-Curves, Scanlimits, geometrical morphing colour and picture morphing, several tickers and many more.

The DMX functions further improve the flexibility of PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus. We already have accomplished the programming of more than 2,000 DMX fixtures and their storage with pictures. The fixture editor is good for expanding the library by adding your own fixtures, scenes and sequences. Simply use drag and drop to position everything on the TimeLine or even import entire scenes into other shows.

Because only a frame-precise synchronising with video files makes your laser show the ultimate multimedia experience. You can choose to direct its output into HDTV.

PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus are devices to offer real-time (!) 3D visualisation for the whole location to run illumination, laser and video synchronously to the beats. This unique feature allows you to present your show to your customers well in advance of the event – to make them understand how the show is going to look like, and all of this without erecting any cross bar.

PHOENIX4 is the most recent generation of professional laser / show controller software systems on the market. Developed by and for laser show professionals since 1995! Unlimited and interactive effect alternatives suitable for every situation. Beside a professional laser control for up to 32 independent lasers, PHOENIX4 also offers a perfect implementation of lighting effects that can be activated by DMX and/or Midi. In addition, video files of any resolution can be integrated in the timeline, exactly matched to a frame and can be displayed by a beamer in real time(!), synchronous to a laser show. In contradiction to many other controls, PHOENIX4 calculates the output of the signals in real time.

In this way the user sees the effect of his effect programming in real time and without a rendering time. A lot of functions, like the SMS-4-Laser, the scrolling text generator, LIVE-control via the Midi  keyboard, Joysticks, Touch screen etc. are only a few of the functions of PHOENIX4.

Personal logos and pictures can be drawn in 2D/3D in PHOENIX-PicEdit. A BMP-Converter helps you quickly converting a Bitmap into a laser picture.

The PHOENIX4 – package is delivered with a Showplayer-System for fixed installations / exhibition stands that allows you to play pre-defined shows according to a time schedule. An arbitrary number of shows can be preprogrammed in a show calendar years in advance. The software already contains more then 170 beautiful shows, which are synchronous to the music and are ready for immediate use. An extensive video help system is included in the delivery.

It is possible to connect Micro-USB-Interfaces and PHOENIX-Net-Interfaces. Also mixing of all them is possible without any problem.

 Package includes:

1 x PHOENIX-PROPlus-USB-Dongle - Output for max. 32 ILDA-Interfaces
1 x PHOENIX-Micro-USB-Interface with ILDA-Connector (incl. DMX-in and out - which are connectable by the DMX-Adaptercable which is optional available)

  • Max. Scannerspeed: 50k
  • 12 Bit XY Scanning
  • 3+1 8 Bit Colors+Intensity
  • DMX-in / DMX-out auf ILDA-Stecker
  • USB-Powered

1 x 3D-Visualization Add-on
1 x DMX-Add-on

Note: PHOENIX-PRO / PROplus comes without PHOENIX-LIVE Option - which you can order seperately!

For using DMX-In / Out you have to purchase the optional DMX-Adaptercable.

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