Laser Fanatics works many years with some of the best Laser manufacturers in China, each for their own specialities. We know the market so well that we can confidently say that almost all Laser Pointers & Laser Lightnings supplied to the western world, no matter buying directly from China or from domestic dealers, they are in fact made in China. China has several worlds’ first class laser manufacturers that are either working as OEM with some really good names with design or with suppliers like us who know the market & the products well.

We treasure our name. To make sure Laser Fanatics stands for the quality and service, a well organized system and international laser professionals are implanted. We control the whole process from the manufacturing down to the selection of each components, and only provide products that have at least tested 2 or 3 times & passed our standard everytime. We also understand that the Chinese market consists very different qualities & prices, even though they would appear no difference for e-shoppers, but we all know that no one would under-sell their products, price always stand for the quality & for the service. Our advice is: Never look for the cheapest products before you understand what you buy, use our convenient online live chat whenever you have questions or need a help, consult with our professionals, we will make sure you get a quick response & a direct answer in fluent English and German.

The price-quality ratio as well as the immediate availability of our products is of utmost importance to us. Our products are of superior quality at a very high technical level.  Furthermore, our Laser Pointers and Laser Lightnings have passed all security standards including the CE, CCC, RoHS and GS certificates.



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