5W RGB Animation Laser Light

1300mW Red (650nm); 800mW Red (635nm); 1000mW Green (532nm); 2000mW Blue (450nm)

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*Above video is made with 5 RGB Animation laser lights with various power and a number of Solid Beam Green Lasers, programed & controlled by Phoenix PROplus, filmed through a front glass

*Above video is made with two Green Animation laser lights and two high power RGB Animation laser lights, programed & controlled by Phoenix PROplus and a Phoenix Network Interface Box, casting through a Laser Screen

Model: LF-AX5000


5Watt RGB Animation Laser Light. Laser Powers: 1300mW Red (650nm); 800mW Red (635nm); 1000mW Green (532nm); 2000mW Blue (450nm). Now go ahead and let your imagination run with the DMX512 & ILDA function to create your very own unique laser show. Design through our easy-to-learn original Phoenix PC-control Software (not included), you can create any tests, logos and animation pictures you ever can think of. Combine it with our wide range of Single Color or any the of two / four tunnels , or a RGY Laser Light, you'll be showing your guests with a spacious and exciting laser show in a full range of colors. 


  • Animation RGB multi color laser light with ILDA function to create animated graphics.
  • 30K high speed optical galvo scanner, big angle scanning.
  • Built-in 128 different kinds of graphics and animation patterns.
  • Control Mode: sound active, auto-beam, auto-animation, DMX512(12 channels), master/slave, PC ILDA control.
  • Flight case packaging, convenient & professional to carry around.
  • It has unique function of blanking, frequently flashing, rotating, moving, billowing, zooming, drawing and etc.
  • It is designed both for the safety and for its good performance. The laser light will automatically shut down with no music under "Sound Active" mode; with no signal under "DMX512" mode; no signal when it is "Slave" under "Master/Slave" mode (over ten slave units applicable). This laser light is safe to the human body & to the environment.
  • It is perfect for DJs, Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Discos, KTVs, Bands, Stage, Professionals and for family pleasures.


For anyone who choose an upgraded scanner, please be aware that the machine size might change a little to fit in the different size of scanners, but it'll be the same machine style & all others remain the same.

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  • Diode Type: TE-cooled Laser Diodes
  • Color: RGB Full Colors
  • DPSS Weavelength: 532nm Green & 650nm Red & 635nm Red & 450nm Blue
  • Laser Output Power: 5W (5000mW)
  • Beam Divergence Angle: +/-30
  • Scanner: 30K at 8°, High Speed Optical Galvo Scanner
  • Scanning Angle: +/-30
  • Control/Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX512, Master/Slave, PC ILDA Control
  • DMX Channel: 12 Channels
  • Laser Effect: Built-in 128 Different kinds of Beam types & Graphic patterns
  • Cooling System: Cooling Fan
  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Power Supply: 100V~250V AC, 50/60HZ
  • Working Temperature: 10-40℃
  • Package Size: 810×560×490mm (L×W×H)
  • Gross Weight (including Packaging): 48KG (including Flight Case)
  • Packaging: Professional Flight Case
  • Also in the Box: Power Cable, User's Manual, Warranty Card
  • Safety Standard Apply to: CE, ROHS
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Handling Time: 7 days
  • Approx. Delivery Lead Time: DHL 3-7days



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